Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Restaurants List Down Examples of White Wine with Ideal Food Pairings

White wine is a wine with a yellow gold, yellow-green or straw yellow coloring. The grapes used for the alcoholic fermentation may have a black or white skin and colorless pulp. White wines range in taste from sweet to dry and can be made bubbly or still.

Chardonnay offers a voluptuous taste with rich citrus flavors and a wider bodied, more velvety taste than other dry wines. It is an ideal choice for chicken and fish dishes, including salmon.

Sauvignon Blanc
Typically, sauvignon blanc has an herbal aroma similar to freshly mowed grass or bell pepper. The prominent flavors range from mango to pear. Sauvignon blanc pairs well with varying salads, poultry, and seafood.

Moscato is a sweet, fruity wine with a distinctive musky, grapefruit aroma. If you've ever tasted a Muscat table grape, you can recognize a moscato wine instantly. Moscato wine is best served on its own but can be paired with desserts.

Pinot Grigio

Generally Italian and Germany pinot grigio are dry with an acidic bite while Alsace and Oregon Pinot Gris is more fruity and aromatic. Pinot grigio offers versatility for food pairings with Alsatian Pinot Gris varieties best suited for spicy Thai or Chinese cuisine.


Riesling wines are light and fresh, often with an aroma that includes fresh apples. Riesling pairs well with tuna, salmon, and spicier Japanese foods. Dryer versions also pair well with chicken, fish, and pork dishes.

Many restaurants that serve alcohol are happy to provide specific recommendations for wine pairings based on their menu. If you ever have any questions about the best wine to order with a given dish, don't hesitate to ask the wait staff.

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